// 52 //

February 7, 2014
last night when i put nathan to bed, picked up the kitchen + playroom, made lunches, then finally sat down i could not stop thinking about how fast time goes by. days to weeks + weeks to months. christmas felt like just yesterday or at least last week+ before you know it ill be wrapping up the school year. maybe its because we have to plan so far ahead in our fast paced world. i mean just yesterday i was being asked about what nate's doing this summer. ahh summer! i have so much to do! im so far behind! i wish i could just wear a sign at all times that states, "if you are going to talk about something two months ahead, you are causing me to slowly have meltdown inside...your choice."

i just want to take a breath + that's what my new series is about. taking a moment to be in the moment. i am challenging myself to take a picture of my family once a week. i know that sounds crazy, i post about a dozen plus pictures of nate a week, but i mean to take a photo of a moment when i am 100% in the moment. once i get home from work + after school activities i get so wrapped up in everything else that needs to be done. i am half playing legos with nathan + half cleaning, making lists, writing, lesson planning, life planning. these things can wait, these moments cannot. before i know it nathan will be four then five, six, seven, eight...then, well you know dating! i want to capture these moments with my little while he's still little. 

so here are the first moments of our year so far. enjoy a peek into our life with nate.

// 01 //
a date to chick-fil-a

// 02 //
playing with daddy at the park after a bike ride in the neighborhood

// 03 //
riding the tractor at the grocery store, that he begs to ride every time we go

// 04 //
running to jump into dad's arms after a day at our favorite museum

// 05 //
we made "ooblek" and played together for hours

// 06 //
snow! in dallas, we had to attempt to sled. 

valentines gift guide: for your littles

February 6, 2014
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valentines gift guide: for her

February 5, 2014
love is in the air. can you feel it? or just the chill? if you are in love + you haven't gotten your girl a gift, here are a few gift ideas for you. if you aren't in love, go buy yourself a valentine's gift, you love yourself right? so why wait for some guy to get you what you want.